Take the Direct Route to Better Health and Weight Management

A medical weight loss program for State of Connecticut and Partnership health plan members*

* Participants must meet age and BMI criteria to join this program

Willpower alone is no match for the complex science of our weight

Lasting weight loss requires a comprehensive and personalized approach

Medical Weight Loss

Flyte leverages the latest in science and a full spectrum of medications to tailor effective weight treatment based on your unique biology.

Care Team

You get a team of compassionate, world-class metabolic health experts committed to guiding you to lasting success.


Track your progress, connect with your care team and access resources on the Evolve app, including educational content and community events.

Wellness with
Weight-Management Experts

Beyond their interdisciplinary expertise in metabolic science, Flyte care teams truly understand the emotional and psychological aspects of your weight journey. Zero judgement, 100% support.

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Your physician, who is an expert in Obesity Medicine, creates a personalized care plan tailored to your unique health history and lifestyle.

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Your registered dietitian works with you to create an eating plan based on your preferences and metabolic profile.

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Your nurse practitioner tracks your prescriptions, monitors your progress, and adjusts as needed.

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Your Patient Coordinator provides dedicated support for all aspects of your care journey.

Am I eligible?

State of Connecticut and Partnership health plan members and their enrolled family members who meet these criteria are invited to participate in the program:

Why BMI?

Body Mass Index (BMI) is a simple but imperfect way of screening for excess weight. It is not a measure of overall health, but Flyte providers use it as a data point to understand whether someone is a good candidate for weight-loss treatment. Once the BMI threshold is met, we use it along with lab results as well as a comprehensive health risk assessment to determine a personalized treatment plan for each individual. For more information on BMI, please consult your Flyte Care Coordinator.

A Powerful Combination of Care and Technology

Connect with your care team and use tools to learn and track progress with the Evolve app.

The Evolve App

Tools, education, insights, and connection with your care team.


Easy Speech-to-Text Reporting

Convenient Barcode Scanning

Simple Whole Meal Logging


Articles and Courses

Knowledge Droplets

Fun Quizzes



Progress and Trends

Medication and Logging Reminders*


Care Team Video Visits

In-app Messaging

Online Scheduling

Evolve Live Wellness Events

Our Approach Works

We are confident our evidence-based program will work for you because we’ve helped thousands of people find long-lasting weight loss success.

Losing excess weight reduces the risk of developing hundreds of conditions, and it can dramatically improve or resolve others you might already have.

Flyte’s treatment model is built on decades of experience at the leading edge of metabolic healthcare.

Flyte patients lose an average of 15% of their body weight and keep it off long-term.

Getting Started Is Easy

Better health starts with three simple steps.

Fill out the application to enroll and verify your eligibility

Download the Evolve mobile app and submit your onboarding items

Once your items are verified, your first visit will be scheduled

Embark on Your Journey Today

Participants must meet age and BMI criteria to join this program.

Thank you for your interest in Flyte! 

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